2020 Resolutions

I don’t normally set myself new years resolutions, but with 2019 being a bit trying, I’m giving it a shot this year. Perhaps I’m just reaching a life stage of being a bit more reflective, and also wanting to be more purposeful in life. Write More: Given the long-term trajectory I which my career to take, I need to make sure my writing skills are honed in. Practice is be best way to do, either in the form of this blog, social media posts, or personal journal writing.

The Scourge of Passwords

This weekend I decided to rotate passwords for the sake of good account hygiene. What a pain! Fortunately, I had a password manager to help out, but that still did not reduce the 5-10 minutes per site to log in, find where to change the password, actually change the password, and verify the new password worked! It was a good exercise, but the idea of regularly rotating passwords for all of my accounts is pure lunacy.

New Tagline

Today I picked a new tagline for my site, referencing “an appreciation for simplicity”. I think one of my main attractions to the Unix philosophy is a fundamental simplicity…which may sound strange for those that are just coming into Unix/Linux for the first time, and perhaps have not had a lot of exposure to the command line. By providing a toolbox of single purpose commands that each to their singular tasks well, an administrator can put those together to fit the perfect solution.

Blog Migration Complete

My blog migration is finally complete! The technology stack I’m using is an exciting progression of the theme of the last few technology stacks I’ve used. I’ve always attempted to stick with formats that would be good long-term archives of my data. The stack should be open, with the ability to easily move hosting providers or even core parts of the stack. The newest platform stack that I’m using: The core of the site is kept as markdown, but I’m now using the Hugo static site generator.

Embedded Equipment Extravaganza!

As part of a recent vacation, I decided to finally go through my collection of embedded devices, and get them all up and running! I figure this will provide a nice repository of available devices for any upcoming electronics projects. With a new child on the way, I’ll certainly have less time to devote to these projects, but it still makes a great hobby. [Take a look at my embedded page]({{ “/info/embedded.
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