2020 Resolutions

Publish date: Dec 29, 2019

I don’t normally set myself new years resolutions, but with 2019 being a bit trying, I’m giving it a shot this year. Perhaps I’m just reaching a life stage of being a bit more reflective, and also wanting to be more purposeful in life.

  1. Write More: Given the long-term trajectory I which my career to take, I need to make sure my writing skills are honed in. Practice is be best way to do, either in the form of this blog, social media posts, or personal journal writing.
  2. Code More: Also related to my long-term goals, I need to have a good portfolio of source code and contributions. In that, I will be contributing more to open source projects and keeping the ones I’ve started alive (i.e. vROpsCLI)
  3. Archive More: With a young daughter, saving family history and stories is of the utmost importance. I’ll have a longer discussion of that sometime in the near future. In sort, with a lot of our information turning digital it has made the issue of archive both easier, and far harder, at the same time.
  4. Automate More: A bit related to #2 above, but in the SRE world there is the concept of “toil”, or non-value added activities that consume time. I will work to automate those activities if possible, or at least integrate them into a “routine” so they don’t take up valuable time. The trash still has to be taken out :-)

Hoping that 2020 is a great year!

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