Perserving Info Kickoff

Kicking off a 100 Day Project focused on buiding a system for perserving data long-term. Daily blog will ber located in the Perserving Info Project Space. Overall kind of excited - and gives me a nice personal project to grind away at. Good to get back into writing. And this blog serves as a good basis for the project - a complete text representation existing within My Primary and Secondary archive locations, in pure text.

Generic USB Hub with Dex!

Samsung Dex is a Samsung solution to let one interact with your phone on a full size display, either with a dedicated dock or a software application. I’ve always though about getting one, but the use cases were pretty mimimal, thus making the $100 spend a little hard to stomach. Last night I found myself in our office at home with no laptop. I almost went through with purchasing a dock, but then found a reseller that had a “Dex Compatible” dock that looked suspiciously like a plain USB-C hub.

ChromeOS Linux Out of Beta

Linux support for ChromeOS has been great. But the “Beta” moniker has always been a bit concerning. Google I/O this year claims that it was going to be out of beta soon. Although suppose to happen by may, I just noticed it with ChromeOS release 92 this month. Great news alongside my CKA accomplishment! I encourage anyone who is even modestly technical to give the Linux ChromeOS experience a try The most important item is that, unlike the rest of the ChromeOS experience, anything done on the Linux layer and it’s apps are not automatically backed up.

Passed the CKA

I’ve passed the CKA certification! It’s been a while since I’ve obtained a certification. Reading about the CNCF’s Kubernetes certifications, I was quite excited that it’s a hands-on exam that required interactive with live clusters to demonstrate one’s knowledge. As part of Kubecon last year I purchased the exam at a discount. With the upcoming birth of my child, I wanted to make sure to have the certification done before my life is consumed by diapers and bottles.

PaperCSS, A More Human Interface

Browsing the Internet at random, I came across a great Hugo theme based on PaperCSS. The human feel of the typeface and layout really pulled me in. My desire is to make my blog approachable. So I begin with the theme, but overall will aim to make sure my content itself is approachable and easy to consume.
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