Passed the CKA

Publish date: Aug 15, 2021
Tags: k8s

I’ve passed the CKA certification! It’s been a while since I’ve obtained a certification. Reading about the CNCF’s Kubernetes certifications, I was quite excited that it’s a hands-on exam that required interactive with live clusters to demonstrate one’s knowledge. As part of Kubecon last year I purchased the exam at a discount. With the upcoming birth of my child, I wanted to make sure to have the certification done before my life is consumed by diapers and bottles. I wanted to share my experiences with whoever may endeavor to take the exam in the future (as much as I’m allowed).

Kubernetes the CKA Way?

The CKA is a great method for testing your Kubernetes knowledge and debugging skills. Given that, it’s not a complete overview of how one should run Kubernetes in production. The CKA can serve as a base, but for a true production deployment, I would look at the following:

Tips I Found Helpful

Overall I’d highly encourage anyone interested in Kubernetes to study and take the CKA exam.

  1. Home Assistant might be a challenge, as by default it would not be able to use mDNS to discover smart home devices. A quick and relatively easy workaround would be to set the Pod’s hostNetwork field to true. ↩︎

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