ChromeOS Linux (Chrostini) Error 58

With a recent update to 89.0.4389.82 of ChromeOS, there was also an update to the underlying container that hosts Linux. Normally if this happens it’s a relatively short process. However, a few days ago this took far longer, and ended up with a “Error starting penguin container: 58” message. Not helpful at all! Fortunately with some searching, I found the solution on Masaki Muranaka’s blog. The article is in Japanese, but fortunately Google translate was able to work well enough for me to get the steps necessary to fix the issue.

Kubernetes Logging with Grafana's Loki

Happy 2021! And to get the year started, let’s look at some modern logging stacks! I love modern application and stack observability. Anyone that remembers the old days of stringing together Nagios and Syslog into a cobbled-together stack can certainly sympathize. Now solutions exist that provide a more integrated experience across metrics, logs, and tracing. Today I’ll be concentrating on the logs component with Grafana’s Loki, and demonstrate that stack on a Civo k3s cluster.

Android For GitOps Writing Workflow

My sister got me a Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard for Christmas! What makes me truly excited about this gift is the mental exercise of using my Android phone as a content creation device. It’s a bit of a stretch, but with this kind of powerful technology in our pockets, we should be able to leverage these devices more productively. My writing workflow is focused around markdown stored in git (backed by Gitlab or Github), rendered using Hugo, and leveraging Netlify’s platform for integration and deployment.

Darksky..and Alternatives

Recently Dark Sky has announced it is being acquired by Apple. With that acquisition, the Android and Web app will be discontinued by July 2020, and the API by the end of 2021. I appreciate that they are giving some time for people to find alternatives, especially on the API side, where I know apps and sites have built heavy integrations with Dark Sky. I am disappointed that Apple is shutting down this innovative app for everyone except Apple customers.

Github Archive Program

Want to preserve your writing and code for future generations? Then check out the Github Archive Program at Github will archive all active public Github repos for storage in the arctic that is estimated to last 1,000 years. It’s a cool way to preserve the technology and culture around open source,and also a great way for you to be able to save your content off for the far future.
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