New Tagline

Publish date: Oct 31, 2018

Today I picked a new tagline for my site, referencing “an appreciation for simplicity”. I think one of my main attractions to the Unix philosophy is a fundamental simplicity…which may sound strange for those that are just coming into Unix/Linux for the first time, and perhaps have not had a lot of exposure to the command line. By providing a toolbox of single purpose commands that each to their singular tasks well, an administrator can put those together to fit the perfect solution. As Eric Raymond mentions in “The Unix Philosophy in One Lessons Keep It Simple Stupid!

I’ve not always followed this philosophy myself, which is why I used “appreciation”. Simpler architectures then to be easier to understand and debug, and usually are far more resilient then complex architectures. Given that, sometimes a certain amount of complexity is required, but should only be the minimum amount of complexity required for a particular problem.

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