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Blog Migration Complete

My blog migration is finally complete! The technology stack I’m using is an exciting progression of the theme of the last few technology stacks I’ve used.

I’ve always attempted to stick with formats that would be good long-term archives of my data. The stack should be open, with the ability to easily move hosting providers or even core parts of the stack. The newest platform stack that I’m using:

  • The core of the site is kept as markdown, but I’m now using the Hugo static site generator. Hugo is written in Go, so far less dependencies and far quicker then Jekyll, that I used in the past.
  • Moved the main Git hosting to gitlab. The main reason being that gitlab supports free private repos. This repo is public, but for other projects, I may wish to use a private repo, and would prefer to keep my cost down.
  • Hosting is through Netlify. They provide free hosting, and an integrated CI pipeline that will build the site automatically on each pull request, and SSL provided through Let’s Encrypt. They include a ton of free and/or cheap options centered around the concept of the JAM Stack. Although I think this might be more of a “Netlify” term, I appreciate the move back to mostly stack sites defined by markdown, JavaScript for user interface interaction, and clean APIs for interfacing with servers.
  • Mail still handled by Google since I’m grandfathered into the “Free” tier of Google Apps.
  • DNS hosted by Digital Ocean, which is provided is completely for free! I still use them for VPS, and probably for any custom Microservices that might not fit within a Lambda function/Azure Function/etc.

The migration was also a time to remind myself on what I’ve done in the past. Just to record it