Vagrant Windows Base Boxes

Vagrant is one of the most useful tools for automating the build of Virtual environments for testing and development purposes. I’m usually a Linux/Unix type guy, but on occasion it would be nice to be able to test Windows. I just came across this post that indicates the has provided a set of base boxes that are usable for Vagrant. I haven’t had a chance to test them yet, but plan to do so soon.

Google Cloud Frustrations

I really do like Google Apps overall. But when outages like this occur, it’s hard to stay optimistic. I know my personal Drive services are free, but my company, which pays for Google support, is also not operational. It only takes a few of these outages before people go back to local storage.

Google+ As A Blogging Platform

The idea of using Google+ as a blogging platform is tempting. Built-in user verification, an easy ability to export all posts if I wish, a built-in audience (of sorts…) Why I Blog On Google However, several others have made good points that essential you become a digital sharecropper, beholden to whatever policies Google puts into place. Why You Shouldn’t Use Google+ For Blogging 8 Reasons You Should Never Give Up Your Own Blog for Google+

Update to "In The Beginning Was the Command Line"

How did I not know this existed. I’ve always enjoyed the original essay, and this update was published in 2004. Should make for some good late-night reading, even if it is a little Mac-centric… The Command Line in 2004

Responsible Hosting Of Cloud Services

Springpad, an Evernote-like service for storing information in a distributed manner, announced it’s closure a few weeks ago. Storing important data in the cloud seems a bit risky. However, Springpad is doing an excellent job of providing ways to export your data. Evernote migration is even being supported, allowing a very easy migration path. For now I’m moving all that data over to Evernote. I personally follow a rule that any cloud-provider needs to provide an easy way to export their data in the event that they do close down.
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