Google+ As A Blogging Platform

Publish date: Sep 26, 2014
Tags: cloud

The idea of using Google+ as a blogging platform is tempting. Built-in user verification, an easy ability to export all posts if I wish, a built-in audience (of sorts…)

Why I Blog On Google

However, several others have made good points that essential you become a digital sharecropper, beholden to whatever policies Google puts into place.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Google+ For Blogging

8 Reasons You Should Never Give Up Your Own Blog for Google+

I generally lean toward this philosophy, or some hybrid. For example, my email address is a personal domain, but hosted on Google Apps. If I ever choose to I could leave for a different mail provider, or go to hosting my own, without the worry of letting everyone know my new email address. As far as blogging, I will maintain a personal blog, and simply link out from Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Now to just find a decent commenting system that is resistant to spam…

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