Weather Station Overview

The goal is to build an Internet connection weather station. Besides the standard tempurature, pressure, and humidity it should also collect snowfall information (the trickiest part of the project) Equipment As of 12-31-2019, the equipment list of items being used: An Onion Omega2+ The board is fairly powerful from an embedded standpoint, and has built-in Wifi connectivity. It’s very well that just an Onion Omega2 would probably have plenty of space An Onion Arduino Dock: The other parts of the Weatherstation kit are Arduino base, so using this dock makes sense.


My weather: Growing up in a rural community, the weather was always a hot topic. If you needed hay for your horses and cows, or had to pay attention to crops, the weather was of vital importance. Although none of those factor directly into my life today, I still find the weather very interesting. Here are popular links I have collected: Forecast Sites In Approximate Order of what I check:
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