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My weather:

Growing up in a rural community, the weather was always a hot topic. If you needed hay for your horses and cows, or had to pay attention to crops, the weather was of vital importance. Although none of those factor directly into my life today, I still find the weather very interesting. Here are popular links I have collected:

  • wttr.in: A great way to get the weather from the command line - or anywhere (such as this page) Also open source
  • NWS Weather Site: The National Weather Service's primary site. Pretty basic layout, but gets the job done. I especially enjoy the “graph” view the lays out precipitation predictions on an hourly basis. Also there are a lot of really intereesting specific tools:
  • WUnderground: A site I've always followed since the 90's, when they provided a telnet service for getting weather info.
  • Forecast.io: A very interesting next-gen weather site. It's primary claim to fame is using an exact address to tell a person detailed forecast info within an hour. Also has interesting graphics and graphs.
  • OpenWeatherMap: Another interesting service that probably has the most open API other than the NWS…and OpenWeatherMap has a far cleaner API.
  • Wunderground Rainmaker: A completely telnet interface. Just a telnet rainmaker.wunderground.com away. Only major cities covered, but something I remember using during the 90s…


  • JohnDee.com: A private meteorologist from Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
  • Bill's Blog: A blog from a local meteorologist from Grand Rapids.