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Weather Station Overview

The goal is to build an Internet connection weather station. Besides the standard tempurature, pressure, and humidity it should also collect snowfall information (the trickiest part of the project)


As of 12-31-2019, the equipment list of items being used:

  • An Onion Omega2+ The board is fairly powerful from an embedded standpoint, and has built-in Wifi connectivity. It's very well that just an Onion Omega2 would probably have plenty of space
  • An Onion Arduino Dock: The other parts of the Weatherstation kit are Arduino base, so using this dock makes sense. Can operate on 3.3V, which I'm planning to leverage.
  • A Sparkfun Weathershield: Slightly pricy, but has the appropriate hookups for rain and wind sensors.
    • Above is the modern verion of the shield, but I own the discontinued version based on the HTU21D. Instructions will probably need some modification to use with the newer shield, but hopefully I can make it generic enough for both.
  • Sparkfun Weather Sensors: Pre-build weather sensors for the Weathershield. Also a bit pricy, but I already have (a birthday present from my wife…and I really need to use it!


Very much could be in flux, but I'm looking at the following:

  • Weathershield Arduino Library/Sample Code: Includes code for both the newer and older versions of the Sparkfun Weathershield board. Specifically I'll plan to use a variation of the HTU12D Weather Station Code as it uses the same output as the V12 Weather Station Code
  • WeeWX: An open source project to collect info from various over the counter weather stations, and optionally upload to Wunderground and other aggrigators. May require a patch to read info from the serial connection between the Omega2+ and the Ardiuno shield.