Windows Cheatsheet

Every now and then we do have to use windows. So let’s try to make it as Linux like as possible Enabling WinRM As Ansible leverages WinRM for managing Windows servers, it’s guide below provides a lot of helpful guidance: The TL;DR is to use the following snippet below to run a powershell script that will correctly enable WinRM for the system: $url = "" $file = "$env:temp\ConfigureRemotingForAnsible.ps1" (New-Object -TypeName System.


Captures ad-hoc scripting and process needs. Also includes resources making these ad-hoc scripts more robust and part of an automation framework. Shell Minimally Safe Bash Shell Script Template Bash Style Guidelines Higher Level Python Shell-like Scripting In Go - Might be a nice bridge when a shell script gets complex enough that you want to use a more robust langauge, but maintain a lot of “shell-like” features Bash Template Directly from Article above, but here for my copy/paste needs.


Now that my day job involves more specific DevOps practices, I’ve grown my Sysadmin phylosophy to be more all-encompassing. Beyond just automation of system configuration, modern practices requires more encompassing practices such as tight integration with developers, version control, test driven development, and continuous integration and delivery. From ScaledAgileFramework Collaboration and organization: A primary focus of Devops is around culture. Instead of an “us versus them” mentality between production and development teams, high integration of those roles is necessary.
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