Go Language Resources

Development A tour of Go Go by example Katacoda Golang Playground Makefiles for Golang Go For Ops: A bit older, but might be useful. Errors are values: Great discussion on good error handing in Go Libraries Script: Framework for development shell/pipe link constructs in Go. Useful for moving shell scripts/small programs over to Go. Articles 5 keys to create a killer CLI in Go bpcli: Great example of a Go CLI utility leveraging a RESTful API Free Courses On Go Why Go and Not Rust?

Git Cheatsheet

To save myself searching for common it commands Git Ignores Quick was to generate gitignore files. Source code Debug why a file is being ignored (Source): git check-ignore --verbose <file> Good General Advice on Git Mistakes Oh Shit, Git!?! Fixing Divereged Branches Also see Git Rebase versus Git Merge below # Rebase - preferred for cleaner history git merge --rebase git push # If failed, and pushing to a branch NO ONE ELSE HAS DOWN git push -- Great Overview From Julia Evans Accidently Committed to Wrong Branch!
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