Git Cheatsheet

To save myself searching for common it commands

Git Ignores Quick was to generate gitignore files. Source code

Git Ignore keeps tracking files!

This Stackoverflow answer explains it, but need to remove any previously tracked files now in .gitignore with the command below:

git rm --cached <file>

Git rebase


git rebase master # or origin/master
# Resolve merge conflicts
git push --force-with-lease  #Force push rebased local branch

Reset master to origin/master

Say…accidently commit a change to the master branch that I did not intent too…

git checkout -B master origin/master

Sync local with upstream

Recording this as my previous method (git checkout master; git pull upstream/master) resulted in extra commits I didn’t want…

Assume you already have an upstream configured

git fetch upstream
git checkout master
git merge upstream/master

Source: Github

Submodule init and update

Initialize submodules with new repo

git submodule init && git submodule update

Initialize submodules with new repo (during clone)

git clone --recurse-submodules git://myawesomeproject...

Update submodules

cd <submodule dir>
git checkout master
git pull

More submodule details at

Remove submodule

git submodule deinit -f path/to/submodule
rm -rf .git/modules/path/to/submodule
git rm -f path/to/submodule

Source: StackOverflow

Corrupted git objects

If you see an error like the following:

fatal: loose object cdd75ee0cbac88baa81b31d22b2dbe9ae5108526 (stored in .git/objects/cd/d75ee0cbac88baa81b31d22b2dbe9ae5108526) is corrupt

Two options (both assume you have a repo clones remotely)

  1. If you don’t have anything you need to commit, just reclone the repo

    git remote -v   # Record current remote
    cd ..
    rm -rf <remoteclone>
    git clone <remoteref>
  2. If you have changes you wish to commit. Note…this will cause you to lose your local commit history, but the files changes themselves will remain intact.

    remote=$(git remote -v | grep origin | awk ' { print $2; } ' | head -1) # Get current remote
    cd ..
    cp -R $tofixgit ${tofixgit}-bak
    git clone ${remote} ${tofixgit}-clean
    rm -rf $tofixgit/.git
    cp -r ${tofixgit}-clean/.git ${tofixgit}
    rm -rf ${tofixgit}-clean

    Once done, should be able to recommit any changes.

Advance Fixes

Also a good site all around:

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