Hosted CLI

Some interesting hosted CLI utilities (telnet/ssh): (Telnet): Has existed for longer then I can remember (at least the late 90s) (HTTP) A super-nify text-based weather forcast (SSH): A text-based multi-user tetris clone. Source Time! Not really hosted, but NIST maintains an old-fasion “daytime” service. Example nc 13

Update to "In The Beginning Was the Command Line"

How did I not know this existed. I’ve always enjoyed the original essay, and this update was published in 2004. Should make for some good late-night reading, even if it is a little Mac-centric… The Command Line in 2004

Desktop Command Line

A complete desktop environment utilizing the command line ASCIINema: An ingenious way to share a text-based walkthrough/presentation Source along with Javascript Player Source and Webcast Server Source AsciiFlow - Not really a CLI App, but a handle ASCII chart design tool. SSH Access Pure SSH Javascript SSH for public console, with SSO Command Environment bash tmux to allow easy multi-tasking, or perhaps byobu Modern Unix Commands ripgrep-all: Ripgrep, that also searches PDFs, eBooks, Office Docs, etc.
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