Remote Work Articles

Various resources on working remotely. Guides Gitlab Remote Resources GitLab Remote Culture GitLab Guide to Starting a Remote Position GitLab Information Communication in an all-remote environment Increment: A guide to distributed teams Microsoft: Staying productive while working remotely: Although focused slightly around Microsoft Teams, some good overall strategies for remote work. Toptal Remote Work Playbook Articles 47 Insanely Practical Work From Home Tips from Our 100% Remote Team Algorithms You Should Know Before You Take a System Design Interview Driving Engagement In a Remote Work World How to Ace an Online Job Interview: Also great tips for remote meetings in general How to Mentor Remote Workers How to build remote teams properly My 90 day plan as a new manager of an existing team: Useful outside of management roles.


Generic career resources Remote - Remote working resources Career Path Awesome CTO TechLead Development Ladder Staff Engineer Day in a Life Day in the life of a BoxBoat DevOps Engineer Management Engineering Manager Tools Github Business Card Source Time Zone Converter - Open source web timezone converter Source World Time Buddy - Great site to quickly track local time.
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