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Various resources on working remotely. Guides Gitlab Remote Resources GitLab Remote Culture GitLab Guide to Starting a Remote Position GitLab Information Communication in an all-remote environment Increment: A guide to distributed teams Microsoft: Staying productive while working remotely: Although focused slightly around Microsoft Teams, some good overall strategies for remote work. Toptal Remote Work Playbook Articles 47 Insanely Practical Work From Home Tips from Our 100% Remote Team Algorithms You Should Know Before You Take a System Design Interview Driving Engagement In a Remote Work World How to Ace an Online Job Interview: Also great tips for remote meetings in general How to Mentor Remote Workers How to build remote teams properly My 90 day plan as a new manager of an existing team: Useful outside of management roles.


Generic career resources Remote - Remote working resources Career Path Awesome CTO DevOps Patterns/Anti-Patterns - A structure useful to determine in the interview process. TechLead Development Ladder Staff Engineer Day in a Life Day in the life of a BoxBoat DevOps Engineer Management Cancel Annoying Workplace Habits Engineering Manager New Employees Onboarding Anti-patterns Tools Github Business Card Source Time Zone Converter - Open source web timezone converter Source World Time Buddy - Great site to quickly track local time.

A Day in the Life of a BoxBoat DevOps Engineer

Retrieved on 3/30/2024 from the Wayback Machine by Jimmy Ungerman | Thursday, Mar 11, 2021 | BoxBoat Hello all! My name is Jimmy Ungerman and I’m next in our series of “Day in the Life” blogs here at BoxBoat. Now a days, DevOps seems to be the next big thing. Every company is hiring troves of DevOps Engineers to help them automate deployment jobs, setup and maintain infrastructure, or just be the go-to Kubernetes person.
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