R15Cookie Blog

A DevOps practitioner with an appreciation for robust architectures.

Personal Stack


  • Workstation
    • Primary Personal Laptop: Macbook Pro 2015 Edition running PopOS. I generally don't like vendor-tied distributions, but I trust System76 as a company. And I enjoy the tied setup that PopOS provides. And while I could roll my own in some fashion, I also value my time when someone has done it sell.
    • Secondary Laptop: Asus Chromebook. By both allowing Android apps and having a Linux layer that can be enabled, which works with both X apps and docker, it's a pretty serviceable workstation. Especially bring a laptop into situations where the laptop could potentially be stolen - far less expensive to replace, and automatically encrypted.
    • Work Laptop: Windows 10
    • All of these comfigured with a combo of wksetup for initial setup and immutabledesktop for ongoing configuration
  • Private Infrastructure
    • Current: ProxMox: My existing infrastructure, mainly consisting of LXC containers, and a few KVM VMs where necessary (advance Linux networking, Windows, etc)
    • New: blast: A new Kubernetes based architecture based on k3os for OS and longhorn for storage. Although Harvester looks very interesting and would pre-configured Kubevirt
    • blast-private - My private app implementation. Despite it's name, will probably NOT be private
  • Public Infrastructure
    • www.r15cookie.com - Netlify at the moment. Fully containerize and can be moved to another provider if necessary
    • Email to r15cookie.com - Google Gsuite - Grandfathered into the Gsuite free tier when it existed.
    • app.r15cookie.com - Digital Ocean “sketchpad” VM. Will eventually be decommissioned for some native k8s env with the ability to spin up resources on demand.
    • blast-public - Public k8s cluster implementation. Work in progress.
  • Shared source
    • blast-apps. Kustomize-based Kubernetes manifests for all my central applications. This repo is versioned to allow for pinned app deployment in a GitOps manner. Most of these are apps that I cannot easily call from a gitops workflow directly (i.e., they don't provided a versions kustomize “base” for which I can call)