SparkCore Fun...

Publish date: Feb 6, 2016

I recently purchased a Spark Core development kit at Micro Center last week. The Spark Core is a cloud development board. Normally I try to avoid any cloud platform that may lock me into a vendor, but as Particle (the company) fully releases source code for the schematics, firmware on the device itself, and a node.js implementation of the server side, it seems like a very safe platform for development.

The Spark is an older version of their newer development boards, the “Photon”. Normally the Spark phone app can be used to initialize the board, but the app did not work for me. Fortunately, there are methods to setup the device manually. The steps I needed to take to get the Spark working were:

Overall I cannot wait to use this for a project. For now I’ll be sticking with Particle’s service, but at some point I may also test out rolling out my own server and client environment.

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