OpenSCAD Coding Guidelines

OpenSCAD is a 3D CAM/CAD environment. Instead of GUI design utilities, a coding environment is used to describe objects. Parametrized designs allow for easy customization.

Overall Goals

High-Level Design

Brainstorm/Paper Design

Sketch out the main design. Begin to breakup any major assemblies, with a thought on how the design will be printed. Do not worry about splitting large portions of the design out at that point.

Once assemblies are written out, determine the parameters that should be “easily” adjustable. This of other end-users, and what major components may need to be adjusted. For some designs, the only paramter may be the final size (statues, art works, etc). Other designs will involve hooks, spacers, etc.

Program Structure

Top level module is used for construction. It should accept the following variables:

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