Moo Machine Overview

An Altair 8800 style machine designed to implement the “COW” programming language. It’s a really simplistic language, but is technically Turing complete. The machine itself is powered by a Arduino Mega (more for the IO pins then the actual processor)

Original Project Homepage A copy of that content is below:

Moo Machine: Experience the First Microcomputer Interface.

Description: Toggle switches and LEDs were the interface for the first personal microcomputer, the Altair 8800. That experience is brought back in the Moo Machine. The original Altair interface is followed as closely as possible, with updates for some modern conveniences. Instead of the original 8080 instruction set, the machine will interpret the simplified instructions of the Cow Programming Language. Several example programs will be available for demonstration purposes, or programs can be entered by hand for the full experience.


Detailed Presentation

Technical Overview

Background Information

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