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Embedded Systems

Concentrating on embedded systems that can run Linux or other “full” OSes.

Inveotory of non-Linux embedded systems

Device Arch Use
Arduino - (many) avr Many
Arduino Mega x 2 avr MooMachine
BBC Microbit arm (Cortex M0 on a nRF51822 SoC)

Inventory of “Linux” Based Embedded Systems

Device Arch Use
Rasp Pi 3 with 7” LCD and 8GB SD arm Mini “computer”, but no battery…
Rasp Pi 3 arm Pi-TopCEED (desktop form factor)
Rasp Pi 2 (2011.12) arm NES Emulator
Onion Omega2 mips Weather Station
RAVPower (flashed with OpenWRT) mips Portable Router
Spark Core arm
Tessel 2 mips

Hardware Platforms

  • Raspberry Pi: Probably THE embedded plamform at the consumer level, although can be used for production purposes.
  • Onion Omega2: A great product if you need an “Arduino” like device but with the power of Linux and wifi connectivity. At a base price of $9, really hard to beat!
  • Soekris: Looks like a good selection of embedded x86 compatible hardware. Recommended by a consultant years ago.
  • RouterBoard: Provider hardware for MikroTik RouterOS, but could potentially install Linux